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PamPinay was founded by two Filipina Artists living in Europe. Pamela Gotangco is a visual artist based in Arni, Switzerland, and Christian Belaro is a digital designer based in London United Kingdom. It was back in 2016 that Christian suggested we digitilize Pam's artwork to create a range of clothing and merchandise. But it didn't materialise then as there was no real purpose. Times have changed and that purpose missing before drives us now.


PamPinay is a collection of high-quality, limited edition wearable art that showcases one hundred per cent Filipino-made crafts aimed to promote social entrepreneurship, sustainability, and responsible branding through the playful illustration of Filipino culture, heritage, and traits in the pop art genre. Conceptualized and created during the height of the Covid-19 global pandemic in early 2021.


PamPinay products are 100% made in the Philippines for the world. The pieces are created individually by seamstresses in their homes. This approach is the foundation of starting the project. To provide women in the Philippines who lost their jobs during the pandemic a way to earn a living while being safe in their own houses. 


Modern Filipiniana Terno in flamboyant splashy colors and cutting-edge designs highlighting the artwork of Filipina visual artist Pamela Gotangco and incorporates weaving, embroidery and beading of the master artisans in the Filipino indigenous communities.


Our design process starts by creating a bespoke artwork by Pamela Gotangco and digitally translated by Christian Belaro for PamPinay printed fabrics. These artworks often reflect Filipino humor, habits and food. Each piece is a collaboration and handcrafted meticulously by Filipino artisans following the slow fashion approach.


Our focus is to create pieces that can be easily integrated with any outfit such as capes, drapes, sobrefalda and shrugs. Incorporating vibrant handwoven Filipino textiles, we aim to create fun, functional and versatile pieces that can be worn for casual or festive occasions for all the Pinay power out there! Filipino modern clothing that truly reflects the meaning of Bayanihan Spirit.


We hope to encourage style based on culture, story and meaning.


Empowering women,
channeling the power collaborations and promoting Filipino artisans. 

The materials for the collection will include weaving from the various indigenous women in the Philippines. Weaving is an integral part of the culture of the indigenous tribes in the Philippines, which should be highlighted for its genuine and gorgeous craftsmanship. Moreover, this venture will support the livelihood of the tribes in the Philippines as well as help preserve their remarkable culture and way of life.


The project will strictly follow the concept of a slow fashion approach. In which the production of all PamPinay pieces will take into consideration all aspects of the supply chain. With utmost respect to people, environment and animals. Time will be mostly spent on the design and quality of the apparel rather than quantity of production. PamPinay team's mission is to create high-quality, beautiful, classic, and versatile apparel. We wanted it to stay in your wardrobe for a long time. Unlike apparel produced following the "fast fashion" concept where it is low priced, mass-produced, machine-made garments that quickly end up in landfills that pollute the environment. 

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